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Postal madness!

Yesterday was mostly a really good day, Julienne and Esther came round for coffee first thing, then we all went to Coffee Plus. After that I went to Mum's for lunch. All very pleasant and good fun!

After that I decided to post the CDs off to Canada. Now, I think the Royal Mail are completely mad!!! I had one box containing twenty five CDs all going to one person in Canada. It weighed over 2kgs, and the lady at the post office said it was going to cost £37 to send! but then added that if I put the same weight in two different parcels it would be much cheaper! So I went home and chopped the box in two, sealed, secured and addressed the two separate small boxes and returned to the Post Office and managed to cut more than £12 off the original price! How silly is that? - the Post Office now have two parcels to handle, sort and deliver instead of one, the total weight of the two parcels is slightly heavier than the original parcel because of the extra packaging required, I really can't see any benefit to them at all...can anyone enlighten me? - or is this just madness?
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