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It's been a busy couple of days, though I can't really figure out what has made it busy...

Church yesterday brought lots of news, good and bad, someone starting a new job, a lady who has just has found out that she has a breast cancer, another lady who's been suffering from depression who's back out of hospital, and able to drive again, and feeling cheerful, a man who fell after the early service, another lady who's been in hospital but it is feeling fine again...lots more too, too much to mention...

Lots to do here too, more sleeves to print, more hymns to type for the data base, hymns to type for the supplement hymn book too... a jigsaw to finish, a bible study to prepare, and then of course there are the laundry and the tidying and the people to see...I wonder how much I'll get done? - I suppose I ought to get on and do some of it...
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