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Sometimes the world is a disappointing place...I felt it was yesterday...I didn't feel sad or angry, just vaguely disappointed, with people and machines and situations - nothing worked quite as it should have done really, no one and nothing in particular, just things in general...

But today is a new day, and all set to be a very busy one, so I am going to assume that today, the people I see will be enthusiastic and happy and the machinery I use will function as it should and I too will be well motivated and productive!!!

I had coffee with Angela yesterday, that was really pleasant, not part of the disappointment... That really started with my printer, which periodically makes scratches across the images I'm trying to print, it does this randomly and unpredictably and is very frustrating (this is only a problem when I'm trying to print solid areas of black, but not always...).Then there was my laptop - when I tried to invert an image yesterday,(something I do numerous times each week) using "Paint", it chopped my image in half and only inverted half of it, so I ended up with half the text on the image one way up, and half the other way, really bizarre... every one here asked me if I could reproduce the problem - I can't - and to be honest I don't want to, it was most inconvenient!

That's enough of Julienne is coming round, I'm going to Little Fishes, I'm going to Kathryn's and I'm going to house group. I need to tidy, do laundry, prepare study, I want to finish jigsaw, try to print some more stuff, drink coffee... I'll let you know what really happens..
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