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Well, all the snow has gone, hard to believe it ever was there really...if it wasn't for the photos and the vivid memories of trudging through slushy, slippy streets with snow driving into my face on Friday night taking Chris to Pathies at the bowling place in Bromborough I might think it had all been a dream!!!

By Saturday morning it was much clearer and by the end of the day the last vestiges of "winteriness" were gone. There was a ladies lunch at church on Saturday, the speaker was called Jan Harney, from a group called Activate, she was very good, entertaining and challenging!

On Saturday evening we went round to Steve and Chris Burrows place for a Lord of the Rings Trivia evening, really good fun, pizza and wine accompanied the questions too...

Sunday was the usual round of services, but we also had lunch at the Merebrook and I popped round to see Mum later in the afternoon.

The week ahead is looking remarkably busy, especially next weekend, but it's half term the week after so that should be a quieter week...

I made the mistake of starting to read a book on Friday... now don't get me wrong, I love to read, but I don't read novels much, because they consume me...David happened to mention on Friday morning that he had started reading "We need to talk about Kevin" (which I'd been meaning to read for ages..), so in the afternoon I picked it up just to have a quick glance at the opening chapter - I finished it yesterday... all the intervening time, every waking moment I was at home (which wasn't much time to be fair) I spent reading. I read while I made coffee,I read while I drank coffee, I read while I cooked tea, I read while I sorted laundry, I read while pages loaded on the computer.... I really enjoyed the book, but I'm just so dangerous around novels....!
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