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Ooh, lj has turned pink... happy Valentine's Day everybody!
On the subject of pink, I've been talked into going to a pink evening this Friday to raise money for the local cancer unit... I went out and bought a new pink top on Monday, and a cheap, cheap pink necklace too, then I've got a bright pink scarf that Margaret knitted for me, I'm quite looking forward to seeing how it all looks...

But pink definitely wasn't the colour to wear yesterday when I was cleaning out the parish cupboard in the rectory - it was full of history and dust, my hands ended up black! I'm sure some of the things in there hadn't been touched for over 20 years, but it was really interesting.

Later in the day Linda came round for coffee and while she was here my Asda order arrived - so now we have food again!! Then in the evening we went to a school meeting about university finance...singularly depressing topic!!!!

Today Julienne is coming round first thing and then I've got Little Fishes, need to make some playdough too... Parent's evening for Chris tonight - sigh!
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