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Our day started very early because Ian had to be out of the house well before 6am to catch a train to Manchester. Not long after we'd finished breakfast we saw the most amazing sunrise over the woods at the bottom of our garden, if you look here you will see the amazing purple colour which lit up the sky!

I also received an order for some of Steve's CDs this morning, and was really interested in the person placing the order because her address was a rectory in an area where a friend of mine lives - in idle curiosity I googled her her name and much to my surprise found that she is an author with her own website and a published novel as well several non-fiction books... now I'm really tempted to buy her book just to see what it's like, if you're interested you can read about it here:

In other news I went to see Kathryn this afternoon where they were having some interesting issues with their shower.

Tonight I have quiet night at home, but tomorrow will be busy ...
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