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Yesterday was very busy, Melva is still off sick and Paula the bursar was very busy. I did writing withn two boys in room 4 and then maths in room 6. After morning tea it was reading and a very busy reading time it was. In the afternoon I did senior writing, a very good session with Houda and Te Haupai, Afnan and Mushayi were busy doing gym or something!
After school I went to Lower Hutt to do a few jobs then I took the boys to piano lessons which will be the last lesson for this term. Then I had a Kidzstuff meeting at Raewyn's at 6.30pm and a Toastmasters' committtee meeting at 7.30pm. Igot home reasonably early for once.
Today Chris is going on a trip into town with GKP and I am hoping to have lunch with Sandra. Finally the sun is shining today!
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