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Last night I went to a pink evening to raise money for the local cancer unit, it was a fun evening overall, though the band's saxophonist was way too loud.... other than that it was enjoyable! I seem to recall someone asking me to post a picture of me in pink so just to keep everybody happy

Today has been really busy, a prayer meeting for Harry and Viv in Tanzania this morning, and news from Kenya later in the day...Then after lunch with Ifan and Judith, we went to Liverpool to see Starlight Express at Empire, with Mum and the boys - we had to change trains at Rock Ferry and were nearly late, but in the end we made it in time. It was a visually spectacular show which I enjoyed, it had moments which moved me but its plot was a bit thin! Watching the race sequence through 3D glasses was novel too!

Now Matthew is in Manchester watching The Killers - not sure when he'll be back...Ian and I have been to a hotpot supper at church, with a quiz. We came second in the quiz and won two boxes of chocolate - just what I needed!! - managed to persuade someone else they needed one of the boxes but the other has come home to tempt me...
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