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WANTED - a bigger fridge!

Tomorrow I have lots of people coming round for lunch/tea, so today was trying to get the house in some sort of order, tidying, shifting furniture around, shopping, chopping and arranging. I cannot fit all the food I have into my fridge, there are two yoghurt desserts, three platters of meat, a platter of seafood, fruit, cream, as well as all the normal stuff, every inch of space is completely filled, the shelves in the door, the veg/salad boxes at the bottom, everything - all full!
I NEED A BIGGER FRIDGE - the freezer is all full too..

But the food all looks really good and I think I'm pretty much organised, so that's all good. I also found time to read mothfic2's novel today, and to watch the rugby game between Wales and France. The novel was very enjoyable and left me wanting more..., the rugby had enjoyable moments but dull parts too, and left Wales still without a win in the Six Nations. Must be time to go to bed, it's going to be a busy day tomorrow!!
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