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Frustration!! After a couple of days when I haven't been able to get to any web pages using Firefox, and when IE has been running painfully slowly on my machine, we finally figured out that it was ZoneAlarm that was causing the problem rather than Mozilla itself, so now we have reinstalled ZoneAlarm and all is back to normal. You have no idea how good it is to be able to check email without it taking me half an hour to get there... and to be able to comment on lj without wondering if the next page will fail to load all the time - it's just lovely - yay!!

In other news Ian and I had a very pleasant curry in Chester yesterday evening (before fixing my laptop's problems) Today I spent far too long online and done too little else, but I will rectify that later!

Today I want to find time to try out some new paints that Mum bought me for my birthday...they are metallic, I've already got gold and silver and bronze, but these are really interesting colours like metallic jade, a pearly white, sparkling enticing! I also need to buy flour and salt so I can make playdough for "Fishes" tomorrow. I need to phone Mum too and I'm popping round to Kathryn's this afternoon... better get on do some of it!!
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