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It's been a busy day. We did some rather heavy shopping in Ellesmere Port this morning, and David proved himself a real hero, a very strong hero at that!!

Then after a quick lunch at home we were off to church for a wedding. The wedding was between Chris and Sarah, Sarah is one of Matthew's youth leaders, and Chris does some of the tech stuff at church with David. It was a really lovely wedding, everyone involved has a strong Christian faith, and the sense of worship was really wonderful, a true celebration! Matthew was invited to the reception over at Heswall Hall too.

After that we went to Birkenhead, Ian bought some gear to wear to the gym at work!!!! I got a new white top (a belated birthday present) well actually I got two tops but only because Ian really liked the second one....

Anyway we are all home now, except for Matthew, who has gone to a party at another friends house. Tonight we need to print some notices about the Romania Appeal, and tomorrow I am going to create a poster to invite the people she used to work with to the funeral (Celebration of her life is what she wanted it to be) of Beryl Winterton who died this week.
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