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Yesterday was Chris's birthday, and marked the day when I start to share my house with 3 teenage boys! So I got them all up early so we could open presents!
This is not altogether successful, precisely because they are all teenage boys!

They did all manage to wake up eventually and Chris seems to have had a good day!

Chris chose what we were going to have for tea, so after eating a lot of chocolate late in the afternoon, he chose bacon and scrambled eggs followed by French toast!!! With all that chocolate and all those eggs, any one would think that Easter had arrived early this year!!

Tomorrow we are taking Chris and some friends to the cinema and Pizza Hut, but today is busy too... tonight Ian and I are going to a Coffee Plus social at Helen's house, David is going out with friends for a meal in Liverpool, Matthew is going to a gig in Liverpool and Chris has Pathies!!
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