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Paint, paper and parties...

Today has been a really busy day! I set off early to go and help decorate a room at the rectory, along with lots of other people decorating lots of other rooms. We were all set to paint the "ecclesiastical purple" walls over with white paint when we noticed that the paper was hanging off the wall in one corner of the room and the wall was a bit mouldy underneath! So we made the painful decision to strip the paper off, deal with the mould and then repaper with lining paper before turning the room "iris" coloured!! Stripping the paper took most of the rest of the day, to see our efforts, and those of the other decorators have a look

We'll be back there next week to carry on the good work... though I hope to put on the sealant to prevent the mould recurring before then!

After our decorating was over it was time for Chris's birthday party. It was me and 12 men...(ranging in age from 12 to 45) interesting experience! We watched the movie Ghost Rider, which was rather weird, but really quite enjoyable, all about a guy who sells his soul to the devil, to try and save his father, and ends up being an avenging spirit...does sending evil souls to where they belong make you an evil being or a good one? Whose side are you on?... can the devil's power be used against him? - The movie begs lots of questions but doesn't provide much in the way of answers, I might talk more about that sometime when I'm not so tired. After that we went over to McDonalds, second choice of venue, but Pizza Hut was fully booked...

I think the boys all had quite a good time but getting them from one place to another brought the phrase "herding cats" to mind...
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