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It must be close to the time when I go, because by now everyone I meet asks me if I'm packed, if I'm ready, or if I'm excited! In case you're wondering too the answers are, mostly, as ready as I'll ever be, yes but too busy to think about it.
Yesterday was a mostly profitable sort of day. I did most of my packing in the morning before school so went to school feeling a great sense of achievement. School was quite good too, quite a quiet day as they go, even homework club was quiet.
I went and helped with youth in the evening because Tuari is sick, Matthew and I went and bought supper before we went, chippies, biscuits and coke, Matthew's choice. The evening was a bit ordinary, I felt the teaching didn't really reach the kids, maybe it was the subject matter. Jess came along too, it was good to see her there.
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