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It's been a busy couple of days...and this is going to have to be a quick post because I ought to have gone to bed by now...

Yesterday I managed a trip to Birkenhead before Little Fishes where we did Mother's Day things with paper flowers...And I fitted in a quick trip after that to Kathryn's before I had to dash home and make tea before it was time to head to Debbi and Ian's place for housegroup!

Today started early with a visit from Julienne and Isaac (age 2) and they gave me a lift to Hamilton Square where I caught a train over to Liverpool. From there I caught a Central Train over to Manchester. I took my laptop and managed to get some work done on some of the pages of Steve's website that I need to revise. Then I met up with moth2fic. We travelled to China Town where we had a lovely lunch in one of the restaurants

Next Liz showed me Albert Square and the Town Hall and St Anne's Square. We went in St Anne's Church which had some lovely stained glass

We also saw this rather lovely statue...

Then I caught a train back to Liverpool, and more website stuff got done... and I was amused by a book which Liz has lent me... At Bromborough I met up with Ian and we went off to a cheese and wine evening, which was fun...another action packed day tomorrow!!
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