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It's now Saturday evening and it's certainly been a busy weekend so far! On Friday morning I was leading the study at Coffee Plus and Julienne popped round for coffee beforehand.The study seemed to go particularly well which was nice...After lunch Mum came round for coffee and it was also the afternoon for my Asda order to b delivered - so now we have food to eat.
I took Chris to Pathies after tea, and spent a little while talking to Mark about website issues, before going and painting some damp proofing stuff in the corner of our room in the rectory!
Then it was time to go to a candle party at Sara's place, where I bought some votive candles, (cinnamon and mulberry) and some tealights, as well as an interesting tealight holder with an African theme.

This morning started with a Prayer meeting at Ifan and Judith's place, after that I headed to the rectory for more decorating fun. I made tea and coffee for the Sunday Club Leaders meeting at the hall before getting started on the wall papering...

David and I get sticky!!
And here are the stained glass sunflowers at the rectory which I mentioned the other day:

Yesterday when I was looking for something else I found a little card that said a parcel was waiting for us at New Ferry post office - it was about 2 weeks old, but noone can remember seeing it before...I can only assume it must have got wedged inside some other mail... Anyway it was still waiting for us and Ian collected it for me today, so now I have some visitors from overseas...
- Thank you natesmountain!!


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Mar. 18th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
You look lovely!

Oh, I'm so pleased it finally arrived. It was just something Kiwi that I thought you could play together *g* I want to know who the family #1 is *g*

And the work is going well at the Rectory, those sunflower windows are just amazing!
Mar. 18th, 2007 07:52 am (UTC)
We haven't played yet... but I bet Matthew will be the champion, he mastered naughts and crosses when he was about 4 and has never lost a game since... we all know the theory but he doesn't make careless mistakes!

The rectory is positively buzzing with activity - must be all those flowers!! No really, it's going well, the rector and his family have chosen some lovely colours for the walls, their main bedroom is going to be a pale yellow like my primroses and the room we're painting is going to be iris!!(pale purply blue)
Mar. 18th, 2007 08:44 am (UTC)
-but I bet Matthew will be the champion, he mastered naughts and crosses when he was about 4 and has never lost a game since.
Maybe he'll be flummoxed by the 3D effect *g*

And I love the colours for the Rectory, pale yellow and pale purply blue. Nice.
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