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Yesterday it snowed and rained and hailed and sleeted and the wind howled, today the wind was still howling but precipitation largely limited itself to hail showers with blue skies and sunshine between times... I don't think I really understand British weather but at least it gives you something to talk about!!!

Today was otherwise busy, I was out early at Margaret's place and we went to Homebase to buy some iris coloured paint for our room in the rectory and then we delivered some resuscitation manikins back to their owner and stayed for coffee. Between the two we took a glimpse at the waterfront at West Kirby - this is what the marine lake was gives you some idea how strong the wind was today!!

Then I unsuccessfully tried to retrieve Christopher's mobile phone which he lost on Friday... still working on that one! After that it was back to Margaret's for a quick lunch before going to Alison's for our bible study. Now Matthew is out at Cell and Ian has gone to a prayer ministry meeting, and I'm looking forward to watching an episode of Lewis tonight.

I will also be spending most of tomorrow at home because I will be waiting for our new cooker to be delivered...but I have many well as cleaning behind the cooker (much needed) I want to print some images to make cards, I have some website stuff waiting for attention, a novel to read, some phone calls to make, some scanning of photos, the rest of the garage needs tidying, I'd quite like to paint too... guess I won't be bored!!
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