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Cooking up something new!!

Yesterday our new cooker was delivered. I didn't enjoy cleaning under and behind the old cooker, but to be fair it wasn't nearly as gross as the previous time I had done that job... The new cooker is lovely and shiny, and it works...all of it even the grill... I celebrated by roasting pumpkin last night and tonight I grilled bacon - you have no idea how exciting that is after a month with no oven or grill!! Now I just need to do something about the rest of the kitchen!!!

While I was waiting for the cooker to come I printed some images of my paintings, (they will be familiar to anyone who reads here regularly) and made some cards with them. The cards look quite good, I'm pleased with the results, if you're interested have a look here:

Today I have had my haircut, I've finished reading "The Scroll" and I've been to Little Fishes where we were being a bit Eastery. Lots of website and e-mail activity too!! This evening we've been to a prayer meeting, Debbi came back here for coffee afterwards which was nice...

Tomorrow I am planning to get to Liverpool, there are various bits of shopping I want to do which would be best served by a trip across the water, and now I hear that M&S have a 50% off Sale too, so that's an added incentive... I think I might have lunch in town though I do want to pop and deliver something to Kathryn's at some point... might see Julienne too. Then we're going to see Fame at the Grammar School in the evening...

Looking longer term, now that my cooker is here I think it's time to get to work on the bathroom and toilet...I think we will get a skip delivered on Monday, then I can start stripping off theflowery, discoloured wallpaper and turquoise tiles and removing that horrible brown carpet! I'm hoping that the bathroom suite will be delivered early in the week and then we can really get to work!


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Mar. 22nd, 2007 07:48 am (UTC)
Is M&S Marks and Spencer?

The oven - we never say cooker here - sounds good. It will be nice to have that in working order again.

-removing that horrible brown carpet!
Brown carpet is the nastiest invention in the world. We used to have it everywhere, and now we have it left in one room, and I can't wait to get rid of it one day!

And I love the cards.
Mar. 22nd, 2007 08:02 am (UTC)
Is M&S Marks and Spencer? Yes

I usually call it an oven too, but I thought people might just think oven rather than oven and grill and hob if I wrote that here!! - it is nice to have a working oven again!

Ye I'll be very glad to see the back of the brown carpet... though I think carpet of any description is a bad idea in a toilet... especially one mainly used by men.

This house is full of awful carpets... but I can't afford to change them all!!!
Mar. 22nd, 2007 09:36 am (UTC)
OMG carpet in a toilet? no way!!!

Ian said cooker too, I'm sure.

-This house is full of awful carpets... but I can't afford to change them all!!!
We got ours from our friends along the road! They were tossing theirs out, and couldn't really sell it because they had lots of small rooms, so we took it *g* lugging it all along the road in a wheelbarrow - it was only three years old! I measured all the rooms, measured all the pieces, then hired an expert in laying used carpet! We covered all our bedrooms, and the hall, for almost nothing!
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