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Yesterday was mostly decorating again but today we are having a day off, because the bathroom suite and tiles are not arriving until tomorrow! I have got some wood being delivered this morning... they said it would be before 11am when I need to go out...hope it is. I now have shiny white ceilings and woodwork in the bathroom and toilet - makes the rest of this nicotine stained house look so yellow...I'm fighting an urge to cover every accessible wall available with white paint, because I want to complete one job properly at a time!!

In other news David has been to Cambridge for the last couple of days, he seems to have had a good time and he even took some photos for me to look at! I had a music practice last night, for our Palm Sunday Service, which went well. Today I have Little Fishes with an Easter Egg Hunt, and a bible study to lead this evening. I also need to collect a package containing ink cartridges from the Post Office in New Ferry before 1pm today. I suppose I better get go and get something done before the wood men arrive!!
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