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No more turquoise

Well there's no more turquoise in my toilet any more, only half a floor and one untiled wall, but no turquoise! and no brown carpet either... so that's all good isn't it. There is still turquoise in the bathroom but I'm hoping we'll fix that early next week! There is total chaos here but at least I have a toilet that flushes properly so I guess I'll cope!!

To give you an idea of the chaos and the horribleness of the turquoise here is my bathroom at the moment:

and here are some of the new tiles

And while images are uploading at a decent speed I'll post some more of my spring garden!

In other news we had a really lovely reflective time at Coffee Plus this morning, I saw Mum for coffee this afternoon, David is at a party, Matthew is at the movies, Chris has been to Pathies and I've been to a jewellery party... And tomorrow is going to be busy, really busy..
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