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What an extraordinary weekend I've had! Saturday morning started with a trip to the Church Hall with Matthew and Christopher who were going on a day trip to Llandudno with Pathies. They seemed to have a good time they went tobbogganing and then down to the pier.

After I left them I went into the Hall to help set up for a coffee morning to raise money for the Rectory. Lots of people came and lots of cakes were sold, we raised over £500 which wasn't bad for a mornings work. After that I had lunch at the Rectory and then Debbi, Mike and I painted the walls in the hall. It is a big area to cover but we were using a lovely peach colour called Light Terracotta and it looked great when we were finished.

I made some really tasty vegetable soup for tea when I came home - and caught up on bits and pieces of admin and email etc in the evening. I even found time to write a bit....

This morning we were out to church with Mum for the 9.30am service and stayed on for the Family Service at 11am, where I was playing the clarinet. After that we went to Mum's for lunch, a lovely roast and strawberry cheesecake.

Next stop was the church hall again, where I was setting up tea and coffee and some snacks for the music group between our afternoon rehearsal and our Palm Sunday Easter Praise service in the evening. Then it was over to church for the practice, then tea, then the service. We were playing some lovely music and Mal had done some great arrangements. I really enjoyed playing so much...a bit messy in places but it's been a long time since I've had really decent parts to play and be properly miked up to play them and I just loved it so much... I would have loved to play all night and into tomorrow as well... So right now I'm buzzing from the experience and just want to go and do it all over again!

Tomorrow I will be back to earth with a thud no doubt, but tonight I'm flying... Tomorrow, when the music fades, I need to post off a holiday payment, two birthday cards, and a CD order, then I've got an Asda delivery coming, and then there is tiling and painting and cleaning and sorting to do... Maybe a trip to Birkenhead too - we'll see!!
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