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It's nearly Easter, I need to buy some eggs!! I also have a lot else to do. There are still tiles and things everywhere here - it's driving me crazy...

On Easter Sunday, after church, we will be going down to Stanstead where we will be staying overnight ready to catch a plane to Munich the following morning. We will be staying 3 nights in Munich and I'm hoping to see Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles while we are there. I'm also hoping to go down into Austria for a day. That will all involve lots of time on trains but I enjoy train travel so that's not too bad!!

Today Gill is coming over and we will be going out for lunch somewhere, it will be lovely to see her and catch up on all her news. I also need to make an opticians appointment for Chris sometime... his glasses are a bit bent!!! and I need to get a key cut and I want to buy some paint brushes - I have evil plans for my house after Easter which involve a lot of white paint!!!!
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