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Castles and rivers

Today we caught the train from Munich out to Fuessen with the intent of visiting Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle nearby. We went up to Hohenschwangau first, the older and slightly less eccentric of the two castles.

I was impressed by its beautifully painted rooms telling stories as well as its history.
Next we went up to Neuschwanstein, the original fairy tale castle, and I'm pleased to say that for me at least the reality of this castle lived up to its reputation. It is certainly eccentric but I think its conception is brilliant and as far as it goes beautiful. After our tour around the castle we set off to the Marienbrucke. On the way we went down to see the waterfall and found a river where we stopped and played for a while:


to the other side

And the boys even found a patch of snow!!

And made snowballs...

It was fun!

On the way to Marienbrucke we also saw the most amazing views:

And finally some views of Neuschwanstein including the classic view from Marienbrucke

Then we had some tea at a restaurant, and came back to Munich by train. Tomorrow, Salzburg!
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