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One day to go.

Yesterday was a really good day, after a final session with the Tournament of Minds people we had a lovely morning tea consisting of lemon muffins, cheese scones and crackers and cheese all provided by Jill and Bob who were celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary. I went and helped with room 4 in the library. Then it was time for our shared lunch which was also very yummy with salmon and asparagus rolls and some lovely cheesy things! It was a reasonably productive and pleasant meeting considering the structure of the merged school and afterwards most of us stayed for a glass of wine and a chat.I signed off my appraisal, which was very positive, and also got a card from the staff wishing me well on my trip.
After school we had a violin lesson for David and then I went to youth group. I was planning to give it a miss due to the proximity of my trip, but actually I'm all set to go and they were very short of leaders because Tuari is still sick. It was a very pleasant evening though it took quite a while to get the sound system working properly because all the people who normally set it up were away!
We were up bright and early this morning (well early any way!) because Ian is off to Palmerston North for synod today and was leaving at 6.15 am. Everything is very quiet now but it's going to be a busy day with Tournament of Minds and last minute packing to finish.
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