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Home again

Well here we are back home, I have lots of washing to do as usual... We have a new bath in our bathroom and quite a few tiles.. no handbasin yet though...

Today I grouted a load of tiles and led a bible study at Alison's house. I also spent some time updating the church website. Tonight I've been typing up some of the story I've been writing during our travels - there is a heap more to type, and my laptop is dying... all my own fault, I should have been more careful with that cup of coffee!! The integral mouse doesn't work any more, nor does the keyboard, so I'm managing with a USB mouse and an on screen keyboard! - this is neither fast nor efficient! But at least it still works...all backed up though... not convinced it will carry on working much longer - sigh!!

There are some exciting possibilities on the horizon at the moment, if they become more than possibilities I'll let you know... Meanwhile tomorrow I can look forward to an Asda order, more
grouting, lunch with Chris and a working tea at Amy's place to get it ready for her return to the UK, though sadly I am going to miss out on the joy of washing Little Fishes toys... perhaps I'll cook some new playdough as a consolation!

No pictures today:( Though I've noticed that the wood is starting to turn blue with bluebells, my irises are blooming and my darker pink magnolia is in flower, so maybe I'll take some pic's tomorrow...
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