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Just before I turned 40 I posted two lists of things I want to do, here is my progress so far:

Ten places I want to go in the next 40 years! (but haven't been yet)
1 Egypt (pyramids, Valley of Kings, Abu Simbel etc)
2 Iceland
3 Taj Mahal (and surrounding area of course!)
4 Greece, Athens and the islands
5 Peru (mayan things)
6 Russia especially Moscow
7 Spain (cities not resorts!)
8 The Caribbean
9 Cornwall
10 San Francisco

Ten things I want to do
1 Go in a hot air balloon
2 Go on the Trans Siberian Express
3 Go paragliding
4 Sail in a felucca
5 Ride in a gondola in Venice
6 Swim with dolphins
7 Go through the Channel Tunnel - DONE
8 Fly over the Grand Canyon
9 Swim in the Dead Sea
10 Visit Neueschwanstein Castle - DONE

Two down, 18 to go, at the current rate I should be finished by the time I'm 50... Perhaps I should start compiling a list for the next decade!!?
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