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New Laptop

As ringbark has already mentioned my new laptop was delivered yesterday and has kept me busy since... It's lovely to have a keyboard, mouse and battery which all work properly but as always with a new machine it will take me a little while to get used to things, a new operating system (Vista), a British keyboard instead of an NZ one, things organised differently....

But I've already transferred over all my web pages and associated files (jpgs, pdfs and mp3s) as well as all my photographs and music files so it starting to feel and look like my machine! I still have a few bits of software to download which I will need to do fairly soon because I don't really have the luxury of much time to spend setting up the machine as I want it, I have websites to update and create and maintain, hymns to type (remember the hymns I'm supposed to be typing? - I've tried to forget...) and then there's my story waiting to be typed up... Of course there's also email and live journal I couldn't forget that could I?

Meanwhile life away from the computer is fairly busy too. Mum and I went out for lunch yesterday at Zugers to celebrate her birthday (which is really today - Happy Birthday Mum!) That was really pleasant. Today I have Little Fishes and I need to visit the Optician before I go there because a screw fell out of Chris's new glasses last night! Chris is also going to a birthday party in New Brighton after school. After Little Fishes I'm hoping to pop and see Kathryn before tea time. This evening we have the Church prayer meeting and David is going to youth group. I've also got some doors to paint, as for the garden!! Tomorrow I'm hoping to see Julienne for lunch and I've also got a grocery order being delivered! Coming up at the weekend are a friend's 40th birthday party and a shared lunch whioh I'm organising... Ian's preaching on Sunday too...

And it's only about a month now until Mum and I go to Italy... Where does the tome go?!!!
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