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A busy weekend

Saturday was spent mostly painting at the rectory, Debbi and I were working in the entrance hall by the front door transforming it from gloomy black to sparkling white! (or at least that's the theory!!) while Mike was doing Spiderman impressions as he painted up the huge staircase!!

After that I did some shopping for and started to set the church hall up for the shared lunch for Amy on Sunday. In the evening we went to Libby's 40th birthday party at her house. It was lovely, all out in the back garden, there was a buffet including a big spit roast, lamb and chicken, and lots of salads and accompaniments. It was all put on by Al Fresco feasts, a company run by Thenassis Meikos, a Greek guy who was at Liverpool University with Ian long ago!!

Ian was preaching at the 9.30am at church on Sunday morning, on a passage from 2 Samuel. I thought it was a good sermon, which is the highest praise I can give - his wife is normally his harshest critic!!!

The Lunch for Amy afterwards went well, with a good attendance, heaps of food and a good sharing of her time in Chile, though I'm sure there is much more to tell!

Yesterday Debbi and I did more painting at the Rectory, and then after lunch Mum came round for coffee and a chat. The evening was spent doing website related things and playing a multiplayer game of Age of mythology, while David was busy making a celtic brooch for a celtic outfit for a party he is going to next week - pictures later!

Today I'm still fighting our internet connection to update the church website, we will be changing internet provider in the next week or two... watch this space for details!!
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