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I spent Tuesday morning straightening up things in the house and on the church website! Also painted the bathroom door. In the afternoon I went round to see Kathryn for coffee.

In the evening Ian and I went up to church for a concert given by the Blagovest Ensemble. We heard them last year and were very impressed, they did not disappoint expectations this year either. They are a group of 6 young singers from St Petersburg who tour around for about three months each year giving concerts all
around Britain. They sing Russian sacred music in the first half of the concert and Russian folk music in the second half. Each of them has powerful, distinctive and beautiful voices and together combine to give a huge dynamic and tonal range, just wonderful, a beautiful and distinctive sound. If you ever get the chance to hear them I would strongly encourage everyone to do so!

Yesterday I did the usual round of making playdough, going to Little Fishes and housegroup. The playdough was red and a very good batch though I've now run out of salt and will have to buy some more.. Fishes was fun and it was a good housegroup meeting, all the better because Debbi and Ian saved us from getting drenched by giving us a lift in both directions!!

Today Julienne has been round for coffee, not sure what I will do this afternoon... not that I'm short of ideas!!! - Laurence might be coming round to put up the new bathroom cabinet...

In the background to all of the above I am busy designing websites which takes a disproportionate amount of my time, but which is really interesting and lots of fun...
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