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I've spent a lot of time in the last week doing website related stuff, I think I've gone about as far as I can with that until I get some more feedback from the people I'm designing for, though there is still ongoing updating to deal with on the church website... I have heaps that I want to do with my own website, I currently have a number of pages for that under construction, but I know when I start work there it will be time consuming and I just don't think I can afford the time at the moment - clothes need to be washed and sorted, there are meals to cook, meetings to attend and people I need to see!

I've had a satisfactory sort of week so far, the weather has been mixed and a little damp most days, I went to Alison's on Monday afternoon and also bought some crafty bits and pieces in Birkenhead on the same trip. I had a music practice on Monday evening too, it was a lovely evening, outside the light was magical, and the world sparkled with vivid colours, inside the mood was relaxed, there were only a few of us there, and we are facing a few logistical difficulties over the next few months, but we worshipped and talked together, it was good to do that...

Yesterday I had a delivery from Asda in the morning and went round to see Kathryn in the afternoon. Ian had PCC in the evening, while I was at home for once! We watched Morse, the final episode where he dies... Debbi came back for a cup of tea after PCC, we chatted until late!

Today I have Little Fishes, and a prayer meeting later... but time just keeps running away from me... There's never quite enough time to do what I want, the necessary gets done, and I have found time to make a card and do website stuff, but my list of things waiting to be done is getting longer by the day... Still, half term is not too far away (week after next) and holidays are usually good catching up times because there are less meetings... and then after half term I am off to Italy with Mum - yay!. A week on Saturday we are all going over to Manchester to see "Cats" - which I'm looking forward to as well! Better go and do things now!!
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