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Walking and watching and waiting

I had a very productive morning when I sorted and folded a heap of laundry, some of which I'd been avoiding for a while, and did two more loads of washing... where do all those clothes come from? I also spent about an hour in my garden pulling up heaps of weeds, which are sprouting up at alarming rate! I also put a door handle on my bathroom door... And I cleared the side in the morning room!! - All of that before I went round to Kathryn's for the afternoon!

All three boys have been to the cinema today, each to see a different showing of Pirates of the Carribean 3 - At world's End... when will I get to see it I wonder?... Up till a moment ago we were waiting for Chris to get home!

Meanwhile I walked to Thornton Hough this evening, across the fields from Bebington. It was a beautiful warm sunny evening and I saw more rabbits bounding across the fields than I have ever seen in my life!

A number of us met up for a drink at the Seven Stars, and spent a very pleasant evening there.

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