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Borromean Islands and Milan

Yesterday we spent a lovely, sunny day on the Borromean islands, first Isola Bella with its magnificent palace and gardens, some say it resembles an elaborate wedding cake but I think it is lovely, and then lunch on Isola Pescatori, where I also bought a new black skirt.

When we arrived back in Stresa I went for a walk along the Lake front to Villa Pallavicino which describes itself as a zoo and botanical gardens. It wasn't really either of those things, but it was pretty and pleasant and it reminded me of Rainbow Springs in Rotorua, which will be a helpful description for my NZ friends... but everybody else will have to wait until I can post photos!! Thunder rumbled all around the lake as I walked back and the storm finally broke in the evening while we had dinner and listened to a jazz concert!

It was still overcast as we set out to Milan today. Our train was cancelled, but we caught the next one without difficulty. Highlights of the day included seeing the Last Supper which is a truly wonderful picture, which grows more wonderful the more you look at it!! I also really enjoyed climbing up on to the roof of the the Duomo and overlooking the city... Had a very pleasant lunch and a ride on the Metro too!

Looking forward to sharing many photos when I have proper internet access again... including the prettiest cappucino I've ever been served, seemed a shame to drink it!!!
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