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I'm going to attempt to post some pictures from my holiday now; the account is not going to be strictly chronological because it makes more sense to group photos from different days of the same place together, but I will try and provide enough narrative to make it a coherent account!

I will start with Stresa the little town on the shores of Lake Maggiore where we were based for our holiday. We were staying at a very grand sounding establishment, "The Regina Palace"


And inside

The lakeside was really lovely with fabulous views of the Borromean Islands

The beautiful Isola Bella

and Isola Pescatori (Fishermans' island)

Stresa is very much a small tourist town but it does have lots of very pretty cafes, houses and lovely narrow streets, here's a sample

I will post more pictures of the Borromean Islands and our visit there in my next post!!
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