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Rain in Bromborough and memories of islands in the sun!!

Today has been wet and cold in Bromborough, my radiators are all draped in holiday laundry I'm trying to get dry, and there was a power failure on the railways too... Despite all this I have been to confirm a booking at Hesketh Hall in Port Sunlight for David's 18th birthday, visited the bank to pay in a cheque, shopped at Aldi, went to see Kathryn and dreamed of warmer climes making a couple of Italian inspired cards.

Continuing in that vein I will post some pictures of the Borromean Islands which we visited on our first full day in Stresa...

The Beautiful gardens of Isola Bella and the magnificent white peacocks

The narrow streets of the little fisherman's island

A very strange tree!

Our hotel bedroom made up for the evening!!
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