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Another Lake, another island

Today I have been to Coffee Plus and over to Liverpool to do some shopping. We woke to heavy rain again this morning but it has brightened up as the day has gone and now the sun is peeking through the clouds. I am slowly winning my epic struggle with my laundry... but don't even think about ironing!!

Last night I was distracted from my other plans by the necessity of producing a large number of 18th birthday invitations:
David: We need to make some invitations for the party
Me: Okay, I can make them over the weekend
David: But I've told everyone I'll be giving them out at school tomorrow!

Today I am going to take you to Lake Orta and give you a tour of the beautiful and island and village of St Giulio which we visited last Thursday.

An order of Nuns live on this lovely island, there is a beautiful chapel and a meditative walk of silence around the island.

Steep cobbled streets and frescoed buildings all add to the atmosphere of this beautiful village.

The Sacre Monte is the hill behind Orta San Giulio, where there are 21 chapels containing tableau of life size terracotta figures depicting the life of St Francis of Assisi, here are just a few chapel interiors:

For me the walk up the Sacre Monte was one of the highlights of the trip, very special! Finally here is a view of the Sacre Monte from the Lake:

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