Viv (vivh) wrote,

Confirmation and Locarno

Today has been very busy, I set off for church just after nine and played clarinet there. It was a long service, three baptisms and a long reading... After the service Ian and I went round to Pauline's house where we had a lovely lunch with Pauline and Hilary. She had made a wonderful broccoli quiche which was probably very bad for me but tasted just divine!! After that we returned to church for a preconfirmation barbecue! Then we popped to Libby's for a quick coffee before the Confirmation Service. Matthew and seventeen others were confirmed tonight in a very full church and a very vibrant service, lovely worship. Afterwards we had cake and coffee here with Linda and Gordon and Mum, a lovely peaceful end to a busy day...

Meanwhile continuing the tour of Italy, today I will take you on the beautiful Centovalli railway, first to Santa Maria Maggiore and then across the border into Switzerland to Locarno. A lovely trip then back across the lake.

A very pretty alpine village.

Locarno, a Swiss town situated an the northern tip of Lake Maggiore. For me the highlight here was taking a funicular up the hill where I had excellent views and a chance to look around Madonna del Sasso. I would love to have carried on further up the mountain in a cable car, but time did not allow.

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