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Home for a week and the last of my photos.

I've been home for a week now. This morning has dawned clear and bright after thunderstorms rumbled and flashed their way through yesterday evening. I spent yesterday sorting out lots of outstanding paperwork for various areas of my life, very boring - but it's good to get it done and out of the way. I also popped to the bank and then went round to Kathryn's house. In the the evening Ian and I took Alison's birthday present round to her and called in on Mum for a coffee on the way home. Today David is off to Liverpool University for a big event giving information about Universities. Chris is in the middle of school exams now, and seems to think they are going well. Matthew has his last GCSE exam tomorrow and is finished just in time to enjoy his birthday on Friday!! Ian is off to Oxford this weekend too.

Meanwhile it only remains for me to post some photos of Dijon where we spent one night on both the outward and return journeys to Stresa. I really liked Dijon and would like to return there and spend some more time in that area.

Dijon has a delightful old town and some fascinating buildings, I really enjoyed exploring here.

A city of amazing rooves:

A city of lovely old buildings:

A city of beautiful palaces and churches:

And finally my favourite statue and "chouette", the lucky owl!

I've probably got a bit carried away here, but I would happily have spent much longer in Dijon, it stole my heart really...
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