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Busy time of year

I don't seem to have posted for a few days, but they've been busy!!

Since I last posted I have been to Little Fishes, a Prayer meeting, had lunch with Mum, coffee with Julienne, an evening with Debbi, Libby and Claire, Coffee Plus, lunch with Matthew to celebrate his 16th birthday, pizza with all the boys, painting at the Rectory and some very serious floor cleaning there. David has been to Leeds and Ian has had a weekend in Oxford which many of you will already have heard about...

I have also been busy planning our holiday in Barcelona and dreaming about an imaginary trip to Dijon and area some time. I have, as always been busy updating websites, including getting many of my holiday photos onto my website...

David's 18th birthday is fast approaching and Ian's birthday is before that... so a busy week ahead. David is off to Oxford for a couple of days later this week too...

The end of June is always so busy in our family!!
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