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July, but another wet Sunday afternoon

It's already July, but it's not at all summery here, rain is falling steadily and yet another load of washing is hanging bedraggled on my washing line...The radiators are already full inside and there is still a load in the machine waiting to dry... Oh for a few dry days!!!

On Friday Matthew had a 16th birthday party here, it started in the afternoon when friends arrived to "help set up", and the last people left just before midnight. I went out to a cardmaking party at Julienne's while it was on and Chris and David disappeared with Mark to a Pathies barbecue over in Thurstaston. So Ian was left here to keep an eye on things. As far as I can tell we ended up with nearly 50 teenagers here, of whom probably only about half were actually invited, but all things considered I think things stayed reasonably under control and there were no major problems, for which I'm truly grateful, and I'm sure Matthew is too... though neither of us much enjoyed picking up all the abandonned beer cans out of the garden in the pouring rain the following morning!!

I spent most of Saturday morning at the rectory, this week I was mostly scrubbing paint off the tiled floors, this was satisfying work, unlike much housework because you can see the difference straightaway and it won't need to be repeated again a week or two later, once it's done it's done...I like that! - but my knees are quite sore this morning.
The new kitchen has now been installed at the rectory, it's different and I'm not sure if I like it... So what do you think?

Here it is:

After I finished at the Rectory, the whole family went to see Shrek 3 at the movies for Ian's birthday. I enjoyed the movie, it seemed short but it wasn't particularly, the time just flew by!! Later in the evening, Ian and I went for a curry with Debbi and Ian, very pleasant...

Today Ian was leading the 9.30am service at church and we stayed on for the family service too. Now, I better turn my attention to my laundry, before my kitchen disappears under a pile of dirty clothes!!!!
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