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David turns 18 today, officially becomes an adult, though I've thought of him that way for a long time now. We are having a big party tonight at Hesketh Hall in Port sunlight tonight, so yesterday I went to Cosco with Julienne and bought mounds of food. My fridge is completely full and every surface in the morning room is covered with cakes and bread and other goodies. Everywhere else in the house is still full of washing! and the rain still continues to fall...

I think two teenage birthday parties in one week is a bit much, I should have planned better 16 years ago... but you don't think of those things then!!

I wish I had time to reflect today about the last eighteen years... the joys, the sorrows, the triumphs and the disasters... a lifetime that already spans five homes and three countries. I wish I had time to be truly grateful for the intelligent, responsible, caring young man my little son has become.. There will be time, but not just now, so much to do and get organised today!!
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