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Where does the time go? I should have had plenty of time to write an entry this morning, but the reality is I haven't got here until now and very shortly I need to leave to be at Alison's house in time for our meeting this afternoon. And I still haven't reached the end of the list of notices/dates that need adding/amending on the church website!So I repeat where does the time go?

The week ahead is looking really busy, I'm meeting with Julienne tomorrow to talk about another website, (one that she runs) and then I'm going to the rectory to continue the work cleaning the place now that the decorating is nearly at an end. Wednesday has the usual round of Little Fishes and housegroup, while on Thursday Ian and I will be going to the funeral of Ian's uncle who died early last week. We are out on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights too....then after the weekend Ian and I are off to Keswick for a few days!

Over the weekend I spent time painting (at the rectory), had a mission meeting over lunch at Barbara's house and went a drinks party at Marie's place to celebrate her birthday... as well as the usual church services on Sunday.

This is Chris's last week at school, he breaks up on Wednesday, he finishes early today too, and has a trip to Waterworld tomorrow...

Nearly summer holidays :) Yay!!

Must go now....
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