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It's been a busy couple of days. On Thursday Ian and I headed out to Landican cemetery for his uncle Bryce's funeral. It started with the committal there and then there was a service of thanksgiving up at Prenton URC. It was a lovely service and really full of people, Bryce had been very active in the church, scouting and U3A amongst other things, and was obviously well respected and liked by many people. For us it was strange, there were lots of family there many of whom we hadn't seen for nearly 20 years... although we've exchanged cards and occasional phone calls during that time...

In the evening nine of us from Coffee Plus went out to Nandos at Cheshire Oaks to have a meal. There were a couple of people there who've been working, and so haven't been able to come recently so it was graet to be able to catch up with them.

Yesterday was our normal Coffee Plus meeting in the morning and after that I went round to Mum's for lunch. I spent the early afternoon with her before heading up to the local shops. Later in the afternoon the boys and I went to Bromborough to the cinema to see the fifth Harry Potter movie. We thought it was really well done and managed to hold together as a movie, but also felt that it was almost like a summary or overview of the book. There were so many missing details... but how could it be otherwise in adapting a book that long for the movies, still I thought they caught the essence of it well. After the movie David, Matthew and I walked to Spital station where we met up with Ian on the train. Matthew headed off to a Pathies event and Ian, David and I carried on to a friend's 50th birthday Party at the Bebington British Legion. It was a very pleasant evening.

Today I'm back to the rectory for what I hope will be the last day of work there, it is now less than two weeks until the family arrive so all needs to be ready very soon...
Then I need to bake some cakes and there is a quiz night to go to!!!
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