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A beautiful day!

Today has been a lovely day. After breakfast we went to the pencil museum... I have no idea why... but actually it was quite interesting! After the morning meeting we walked to see a stone circle at Castlerigg just outside Keswick, it was nice there and there were some great views. We had a late lunch when we got back to Keswick and then Ian started to write a sermon for Sunday morning while I went out for a walk. I walked about a third of the way around Derwentwater and back again, it was really beautiful with the water sparkling in the sunlight and everything so vibrant and green. there was clear evidence of recent heavy rain in some places but none today! At the evening meeting we heard the last ever public talk from Dr John Stott who in his late 80's is still clear and wise in what he says... but he is retiring now.. that too is probably wise! After that we went for a curry - very nice!

Here are a few random highlights of the day

This is the footpath!!!
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