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The day whan we failed to miss the rain!

The day started fine and warm and people were predicting a beautiful day, but I was unconvinced, and my pessimism was justified, it started to rain at lunch time and continued until mid afternoon, in fact pretty much the whole time between the times we were planning to be at meetings. But I wasn't put off!... I went out for a walk any way... in the pouring rain! It was quiet down by the Lake today, not surprising really, but it was nice... I got very wet but I saw lots of lovely things which I failed to noticed on my drier walk the other day, like lambs and ducklings and uprooted trees... Meanwhile Ian finished writing his sermon. Later we went to a rehearsal for the evening meeting which was being recorded for radio by the BBC. It was great, I just love the opportunity to sing with other people for a couple of hours! - especially accompanied by a talented group of musicians.
Ian and I went and had a great meal at a little Mexican bistro between the rehearsal and the evening meeting when the recording was made. The service will be broadcast on Sunday 5th August in the morning on radio 4.

A few wet photos

The day ended fine and warm. It was a beautiful day!
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