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Back home - still wet!

Yesterday we returned home from Keswick after the morning meeting and lunch... It was mostly a straightforward journey though we had a bit of a wait at Warrington for our connection. Trains were running fine in the north but heavy rain and floods were causing huge disruption further south, hope evrybody down there is okay! Thinking of everyone travelling around this very wet country today, and I know a few people who are.

Once we were home we went to the Rectory for the celebration of everything being finished, which it is more or less.. someone had decorated the rooms with flowers and there was greenery adorning the fire place, and candles burning. It did all look very good! and nice to see everybody too!

This morning we have a prayer meeting to go to and after that we will be heading into town to buy Harry Potter book 7 (several copies!!). I think Ian needs to buy some new shoes, his have developed a distinctive squelching noise following our adventures in Keswick... I bought some new shoes yesterday... they are green!

So finally here is one last picture from Keswick which seems to me a particularly appropriate message for everyone today:

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