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A sunny day!

Yesterday it was warm and sunny all day! My clothes dried on the washing line and I managed to get some long overdue gardening done, it was even warm enough to wear my new summer dress! I managed to get a whole lot of housework done too, as well as some useful website stuff. Matthew baked some delicious bread in the afternoon... all in all a day of quiet and satisfying domesticity! - I don't have many of those, but once in while it is just lovely...

In the evening the boys all went to Debbi's house where they made and ate pizzas while the adults all went out for curry. It was a very pleasant evening, followed by coffee back at Debbi's. I have a picture of us all at the restaurant, but obviously lj's problems from last night are not completely resolved because it just won't let me upload pics this morning. I may try again later but I am off to Manchester this morning... :-)


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Jul. 25th, 2007 10:21 am (UTC)
I hope Manchester was fun. It's good to finally get some fine weather. I think you're surely due for some summer weather!

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