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Yesterday I went to Manchester to see mothfic2. We met at Piccadilly Station and then caught a bus out to the museum where we had lunch and looked at the Egyptology exhibition. We also had a look at the general ethnology exhibits where I was interested and vaguely amused to find Maori carving and Vanuatu mats among the displays... seems strange to see such everyday objects in a museum... We also looked at the T-rex and the Solar System! The museum is right next to Manchester university and Moth showed me where she had her graduation photos taken and we took some more photos!

We walked back to the station where we sat and drank (not very good) coffee and talked for a long time, a wide ranging conversation covering Barcelona, culture, walking, dancing, writing etc etc.
Eventually we had to go and catch trains, but it was a good day, it didn't even rain on us despite our pessimistic expectations at the start of the day!!!

And since images seem to be working again now, here is the photo of Debbi's meal the night before!

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