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Off to Keswick again...

The weather here is improving, I managed two loads of washing hung out and dried today, I even got some gardening done. Tomorrow I'm off to Keswick for another couple of days, camping with Julienne and her family... so that should be fun.... though possibly not that comfortable!! - I won't be online while I'm there... though I might pop into Java the nice internet cafe there!

In other news David had his first driving lesson today, which seems to have gone well... and David and Matthew both went bowling with some friends this afternoon. Tonight Christopher has decided to go to the cinema and right now Ben and Matthew are playing tennis and bowling on the Wii.

David is heading off to Canada on Friday and a week tomorrow we are all off to Barcelona... I'm really looking forward to some heat and sun...

We also got to meet our new rector and his family over the weekend, they seem very nice, but they don't officially start work here until September.
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