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Summer days

I sit here most mornings just after breakfast, checking email and reading my lj friends page. In the holidays it is very quiet, (Ian on his way to work, boys still sleeping) but I never seem to be alone for very long, there are always passer-bys, sometimes it's one of the three fluffy cream cats who live next door but one, sometimes it's a hopeful looking squirrel in search of nuts, sometimes it's a local fox slinking his way down to the woods at the bottom of the garden, and often it's a particularly large magpie who has taken to strutting up and down outside my window full of self importance....

Well since I last posted I have been to Keswick and back. It was a good trip, an uneventful journey in both directions..., some lovely weather while at the campsite, a great walk up to the top of a cliff which gave us a fabulous view across Derwent Water, an interesting talk about the life of John Newton by Jonathan Aitken, a couple of other talks too. I got home at teatime on Wednesday just in time to go to the Prayer Meeting at the church hall.

Yesterday I went to Birkenhead with David in the morning to buy some last minute purchases for his trip to Canada - have you any idea how difficult it is tyo find a garish Hawaiian shirt in Birkenhead? We met Mum in town too and had coffee together. In the afternoon I went round to Kathryn's place for coffee and a chat, arriving in home just in time to say goodbye to David before he set off to Callum's where he was sleeping over before flying out to Vancouver later today. In the evening Ian and I enjoyed a warm pleasant evening by walking through the woods to Spital and then catching the train home just before it got dark.

There's lots happening in the next few days before we set off to Barcelona, but should all be fun!!
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