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We will be off to Barcelona in just a few hours... We're all packed and ready to go, so now everyone is playing virtual bowling in the living room!!!

Sunday was busy, we had David and Rachel Williams our mission partners, and Tim and Gertrude Wambunya, our future mission partners visiting, so I had a shared lunch to organise after the morning service. All went well and it was lovely to catch up with the Williams' news and to meet the Wambunya's for the first time.

Yesterday Christopher took himself off to a Pokemon event in Warrington, where he got four mews - not that I'm sure that will mean much to people reading here... In the afternoon Mum came round and had coffee and Ian took her to fill up the car with petrol and we generally got ready for our trip.

So now we're off to Barcelona, looking forward to some sun.... Need a Barcelona icon... I suppose I'll have one soon!!
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